Official Recovery Partner of the



Soothing Muscle Pain
and Helping Save Lives 

We’re proud to be the official recovery partner of Cure Leukaemia, as of April 2022, and support their fight against blood cancer by putting our equipment to the service of athletes participating in the charity’s events and through donations. 

You’ll find MuscleFlo products at a number of Leukaemia foundation events including Tour 21, London 2 Paris bike rides, the Copa del Cure Leukaemia football tournament, the Birmingham Half, London Marathons and other events. 

Our products help the athletes stay in top shape by soothing their muscles, before, during and after events so that they can give their best for the foundation. In doing so we help in the fight against this disease that claims nearly 5000 lives a year in the UK alone and continue our mission of providing physical and mental well being through our massage guns. 

About the Cure
Leukaemia Charity

Cure Leukaemia helps fight blood cancer by funding research nurses for the Trial Acceleration Program (TAP) which runs in 12 medical centres across the UK. These programs help cut down leukaemia drug trials - which usually take up to two years - to as little as six months, speeding up the process which connects patients with potentially life-saving treatment.

 To learn more about Cure Leukaemia please visit their website by clicking here. To find out how your business can help support the organisation, contact Cure Leukaemia Head of Sponsorship, Alex Smith at the following email address:

 If you would like to help make a difference to the lives of those suffering from leukaemia and their families, we invite you to make a donation by clicking on the link below.


Buy a MuscleFlo
to Support the Cause

You can support the Cure Leukaemia through donations, or by  purchasing a Musclefow massage gun. For every product purchased through the link below, we’ll donate up to xxx% of our profits to Cure  Leukaemia and help to save lives.

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