MuscleFlo Ltd warranty obligations are limited to the terms set forth below:

1. MuscleFlo Ltd provides warranties for its products for a period of a lifetime from the date of original retail purchase, provided that all warranty guidelines are met.

2. If a defect exists, MuscleFlo Ltd shall exchange the product with a new product.

3. A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

4. When a product is exchanged, any replacement product becomes your property, and the replaced Product becomes MuscleFlo Ltd property.

5. In no event shall our liability exceed the value of the product in question.

6. Exclusions and Limitations

6.1. This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies only to products manufactured by or for MuscleFlo Ltd that can be identified by the MuscleFlo Ltd trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to them, in addition to a unique serial number when applicable.

6.2. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to any non – MuscleFlo Ltd product even if packaged or sold with MuscleFlo products. Non - MuscleFlo manufacturers and suppliers may provide their own warranties.

6.3. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover MuscleFlo Ltd products sold by Unauthorised Distributors.

6.4. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover Misuse, alterations to the device, poor maintenance, accidental damage (such as dropping a device)

6.5. Misuse with liquids (lubricants, lotions, creams, water, beverages, and other liquids)

6.6. Use of unauthorised or no original attachments/accessories to the device, unauthorised repairs, tampering with, such as the unauthorised repair or attempted repair of the product.

6.7. Device alterations and modifications, power loss, or voltage changes, use of non-original chargers and power adaptors.

6.8. Malfunctions caused by failure to maintain the device according to manufacturer’s guidelines / operation in violation of the written safety precautions provided with the product

6.9. Non-appropriate environmental storage/use conditions that may affect the device operation.

Authorised Distributors will provide the same warranty. By doing so, they will be obligated to provide you with the same warranty the company offers.

For all online sales: the warranty is valid only if you purchase your product from MuscleFlo at: 

MuscleFlo official website www.MuscleFlo.com

MuscleFlo official Amazon store

MuscleFlo official eBay page

MuscleFlo official Facebook/ Instagram page

Please verify the warranty before purchasing from any existing authorised online retailer, as terms may differ when buying from an online reseller.

Limited Lifetime Warranty explained:

In the first year from the date of your purchase, MuscleFlo will replace any device which incurs technical fault; the warranty does not cover any damages due to misuse.

At the end of the 12 months, any replacement for a damaged device will incur an admin, shipping, and handling fee, as stated below.

MiniFLO - £44.95
FLO - £54.95
PowerFLO – £54.95
PowerFLO P50 - £74.95
FootFLO – £54.95
Tens PRO - £17.95

Shipment to Countries outside the United Kingdom will be charging an additional shipping fee.

Europe - £9.95 /North America - £24.95/ Rest of the world - £34.95

No replacement will be sent without this payment.

How to activate your Limited lifetime warranty:

First, you need to activate your warranty; please go to the Warranty registration page www.muscleflo.com. To exchange your damaged or faulty product, please send to us the following:

the product within its original box.

A copy of the original purchase receipt.

A purchase receipt must accompany all replacements!

Contact our customer service team before shipping for replace/ exchange at info@MuscleFlo.com

Jfx4xVRcdYcTrNvlHIXRewRegistering for a MuscleFlo Warranty Through Our Website

Your warranty will automatically register as soon as you purchase your MuscleFlo via our website www.muscleflo.com

Registering for a MuscleFlo Warranty Through Our Website
If you purchased your MuscleFlo anywhere else other than our website - www.muscleflo.com, please register your product on our website www.muscleflo.com to obtain your limited lifetime warranty.

This Warranty is the Sole Warranty
This MuscleFlo limited lifetime warranty is the only warranty and is exclusive of any other warranties relating to this product. There are no other warranties, including any limited warranty expressed or implied. Additionally, there is no obligation from any other company concerning products covered by this limited lifetime warranty, which is the sole responsibility of MuscleFlo Ltd.

MuscleFlo Ltd does not give any other party or company or individual authorisation (including but not limited to remote buyers, consumers purchasing the product from a retailer, retailers) to obligate MuscleFlo Ltd beyond the set of terms as laid out in this warranty.

MuscleFlo Products Purchased through the MuscleFlo Website www.MuscleFlow.com

Product Substitutions and Refunds for Unavailable Defective Parts

If replacement parts are unavailable, MuscleFlo Ltd will not offer a refund. Instead, the company (MuscleFlo) reserves the right to provide a substitute product to cover the repair or replacement.

Opened, Used, Repaired, Repackaged, and Resealed Products

This warranty does not cover the following, included but not limited to the sale of products through auction websites and or products sold through surplus/bulk resale:

Opened goods

Used goods

Repaired goods

Repackaged goods

Resealed goods

In such circumstances, any warranties or guarantees by MuscleFlo are invalid, ceasing immediately regardless of products or parts repaired, replaced, modified, or altered without written consent from MuscleFlo Ltd.

Your Legal Rights

This warranty lists specific legal rights. Consumers may be entitled to additional rights, depending on where you live/state/province/country/city/region. Rights vary according to the area, and particular regions have their own rules and regulations. Therefore, some of the above warranty terms limitations and exclusions may not apply.

To find out more about the MuscleFlo Ltd warranty or for issues and problems, email us info@MucelFlo.com.